I've done it in the back of a cab...

Wash your dirty minds out! This is the latest campaign from Batiste which makes being a little bit dirty a little bit fun... and black cabs a little bit more glam. They're running a competition for the first five people to see and tweet them a picture of the Batiste cabs roaming the streets of London - you could be in with a chance of grabbing three cans of your choice. Love it.



  1. cute colour! shame about the ugly car though lol :) If only i lived in london eh! rachinald.blogspot.com

  2. Sad thing is, I have actually done it in the back of s cab. I've also done it on the London Eye, on a club dance floor, at my desk and shamefully... in my mum's bathroom. I HEART Batiste!

  3. Haha, Elle, I love how you manage to get that in there sneakily... ; )


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