Emma Watson for Lancome

Who knew that Hermoine Granger, with her frizzy hair and pompous nature, would turn into such a beautiful young woman with the style of a pro and the cheekbones of a supermodel? She was unsurprisingly snapped up by Lancome to be the face of their new campaign and here are a few sneaky shots I've managed to track down... She looks absolutely stunning and I particularly like the bowler hat. Every lady should have a bowler hat.



  1. These photos are so beautiful. She just looks incredible! She also looks amazing on the cover of Harper's Bazaar at the moment x

  2. She's definitely a role model for me
    I loved her in HP films so sad it's over.
    She's down to earth and understanding of other's misfortunes, she's willing to help-Fairtrade

  3. Beautiful! I can't wait to see what products she's launching - I may have to try out Lancome for the first time.

  4. She looks gorgeous!


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