In the Summertime

I've got a little NARS eyeshadow palette and it's been coming everywhere with me lately. I haven't even bothered to rummage through my eyeshadow draw to find another because the two shades seem to have every eventuality covered. That's what I love about NARS - they seem to think practically and come up with combinations that really work, no matter the occasion or time of day. So when I got a sneak preview of the new Summer collection last week I was more than a little bit excited to see the new shades they've got to treat us with. My favourite of the bunch though is this fabulous sea-green palette of three complementary and beautiful shades. I've been wearing the pale shade daily all week to create a look that's similar to the one seen at London Fashion Week - it's a stunning, simple, blendable and buildable shade that I'll be coveting all season long.

The other products that caught my eye include this fabulous travel set of three NARS cult products - Orgasm, Albatross and Laguna. I have to admit I've never used them (gasp) but I know plenty of fellow make-up lovers that have and will never be parted with them. I love this cute little zip-able set which contains all three, plus a mirror, which makes it perfect for taking away on long holidays or popping in your beach bag. At £39 it's a good deal too so there's no excuse not to bag one this Spring.

Alongside these fabulous products are a range of amazingly pigmented lip colours which come in four different effects - matte, glossy, sheer and traditional lipstick. All four shades are amazing and I can't wait to get my hands on them... bright pinks, orange, coral, all perfect for Summer festivals and picnics in the park. They all applied like a dream and can even be used on eyes and cheeks - if you're that daring!

The new NARS collection will be available from May in department stores and online


  1. That trio of the blushes and stuff is amazing :0. Ultimate wishlist!

    I love that its zip up aswell. Thanks for posting or I would never have seen :)


  2. ahhhh the sip-able set, how nice... :)

  3. I've got my eye on that zipable set too. It'd be rude not to really.


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