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I went to the launch of new Boux Avenue lingerie brand a few weeks back and have since managed to pop down to their store in Cardiff for a peek at the collections. I have to say I am more than impressed. The stores are beautiful, the service impeccable and the bras amazing... I mean amazing. As a big-boobed-babe I really struggle to find bras that fit my baps and my narrow shoulders, but with Boux Avenue I may just have found the solution. A trip to La Senza can often be traumatic and involve me trying on 75% of the store, but with Boux I picked up bras in my size, tried them on, found the fit perfectly and ran to the till with a grin on my face. Not only are they incredibly supportive, but beautiful and detailed while not costing the earth - the ones I bought cost £24 each. Bargain. Right now if you buy a bra online you get the matching knickers for free so there's no excuse not to have a peek at the beautiful undergarments on offer.

Boux Avenue's website: www.bouxavenue.com  Offer available online from now until May 4th.


  1. I went into the Boux Avenue trafford centre store last week and the interior is beautiful! I love all of the lingerie too. I haven't been too enamoured with anything in La Senza for quite a while, but as soon as the website for Boux Avenue launched I was in love!

    It's all a bit more feminine and classy than La Senza I think, a bit more romantic.

    www.justlikeh0ney.blogspot.com :-) xo

  2. It's so much nicer than La Senza who I think most of the time make things with cheap material and too much fancy stuff, so it's not comfy. I'm in love with Boux and have been stocking up!


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