Got2B Powderful

Schwarzkopf have launched a new volumising powder for that messy, bedhead look. Take a look at my video (yey) and see what I thought of the product, plus a little cheeky demonstration.

Got2B powderful is available now in all major high street retailers priced around £4.00 (If you're quick though they're currently half price in Boots!)



  1. Hi lovely! Love the video & demonstration. I love the Label M version of this product, would you say this one is just as good as the Label M one? I also tried the Charles Worthington 'Fat Hair' version I think it's called...rubbish! I love the volume as you can probably tell!


  2. Anonymous30.3.11

    thank you for the demo, would like to try this x

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  4. I've tried the Toni & Guy one and I'd say it's about the same. No real difference, although this one leaves a little more of that 'product feeling' in your hair.

  5. This is magic! Really gives root lift and volume.well worth the money.don't need to use much do prob will last ages

  6. Ooo I use the Label M Resurrection Dust and love it, but it does feel a lot like I've put toothpaste in my hair!! Have had some funny comments from male friends on nights out - "has your hair just got bigger?" - baffled at its power!


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