Absolute Jeanius

It seems that MAC are on a roll at the moment, launching new collections left, right and centre to meet the ever-growing appetite of MAC lovers around the globe. The newest collection, launching in stores this month, is a denim inspired range of blues and pinks that's bound to appeal to everyone who's ever owned a denim jacket and attempted to match it to their lipgloss.

The range consists of eyeshadows that have the pocket detail of a pair of jeans, complete with a little bronze button, nail polishes with varying glitter contents and lip glosses. I haven't been able to see these in reality or swatch the colours, so I'm as intrigued as you to find out what they're really like. As with most MAC eyeshadows I suspect the jean effect is just on the top and the colour/effect doesn't penetrate the whole product. Nevertheless, inevitably another sell out.... will you be stocking up on Jeanius?



  1. I dont think this is the collection for me!! not this time!!

    nothing jumps out at me!! but mac have other collection coming up i canot wait for!!

  2. I love the look of this collection. Im not sure what i will get yet though xx

  3. I love the look of the polish and glosses but the blue eyeshadows remind me too much of the 1980's I think... will have to swatch!


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