Raffles Bizarre

If you're after funky, random, kitsch and sweet pieces of jewellery then Raffles Bizarre is the place to go. All handmade by the lady Jess Heath herself, she offers some fab pieces that are truly unique at prices you can't sniff at! So many people are adorned with Topshop accessories it's about time we got some bespoke bits fighting back against those millions of leopard rings that are available on the high street.

Jess has kindly made five unique button pieces exclusively for LBQ readers - a ring, necklace, brooch, earrings and bag charm - and to win all you have to do is comment below with your fave piece! Just leave either a valid email or twitter name for me to contact you on and I'll randomly pick five readers at the weekend. Make sure you check out her website and take a look at the fab bits and bobs she has to offer.

T&Cs - one entry per person, must be a follower of LBQ to enter, must leave valid contact details and respond within 48hrs to claim prize.


  1. Anonymous17.2.11

    jus luv it i want these things do you if they sell online??

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  3. my favourite piece is the necklace - It's so pretty! :) I love individual jewellery - I agree that it deserves more attention!


    Thankyou :) x

  4. Thanks lovely, and good luck everyone that's entering!! <3


  5. Tiptoe Shortbread17.2.11

    exciting...super cute buttons!

    Twitter name is @tiptoeshrtbrd....fingers crossed....

  6. Oh I love these! My favorite is the earrings. I hope I win!

  7. Love all the pieces they are very colourful and feminine but if I had to choose one it would be the necklace.

  8. I adore the necklace and I think it would be so cute with my new rust coloured blazer and even my uniform for school :L ♥ my e-mail is sophiebonarx@hotmail.co.uk and my twitter name is sophiebonarx

    Love Sophie x

  9. Love the ring (but is it adjustable?) If it isn't I'll go with the bag charm please. They're all really cute.

  10. So cute and colourful!

    I love the earrings the best :D


  11. @Faridah the ring is indeed adjustable :)
    Though if you win you win every piece anyhoo.

  12. I bought a piece from Raffles bizzare the other day, but it's as a present for someone.
    I love the necklace it's amazing, I like that it's not all insanely organised and meticulous, it's just randomly messy. Brilliant.
    All of the button pieces are awesome on the website, I've made myself a button hat already with buttons from my granny's old button box.. These are brilliant!


  13. I love the necklace best!


  14. My favourite piece HAS to be the ring. I am an absolute ring-aholic, and especialy love unique, bespoke pieces. I love my unusual rings so much, my Dad had a ring from H&M that I loved, remade for me in different stones for my 18th - best gift ever!!!
    I really love your blog, and I love that you cover a wide variety of subjects :)

    Steph Babet - sbabet@hotmail.co.uk

    Thanks x

  15. We love the jewelery! We're having such a drab and cold winter that the bright colours are just the thing to cheer us up!
    Sheila and Sherrill

  16. Gorgeous colours, my favourite is the bag charm :) x


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