The Eraser

The whole point of this blog is to try out products and let you know what I think of them. Do they really work? Do they do what they say on the tin? Do they smell nice and look good? Do they warrant the price tag? Blogs have emerged for that very purpose - to act as a guide for others before they make a purchase. So unfortunately, using that guide as a basis for a good blog post, this isn't a very good review. Not because the product is particularly bad, not because it doesn't perform or because it's over priced... but because I couldn't bloody use it! The reason? Look at the colour match...

So Maybelline have just launched the anti-ageing 'The Eraser' foundation with an innovative foam applicator which claims to erase the signs of fatigue. It does this by imparting the foundation on the hundreds of small fibres on the applicator directly into every crease and crimple in the skin. Goji Berry and SPF 18 help to plump and protect the skin, so your complexion is not only enhanced on the outside, but on the inside too.

Unfortunately because the only colour samples that were available were bright orange (and I'm not walking around looking like an Oompa Loompa for anyone!) I haven't been able to test this properly. The foam applicator is soft and applies the formula well to the skin to create a really even finish though, so I would have high hopes. The formula dries quite quickly leaving a matte result, so I think I would probably like this if I could test it properly!

What I don't particularly like though is the hygiene aspect of the applicator. You can't wash it properly (they recommend you use tissue apparently) which means there's going to be so much build up after you start using it that it makes me feel a bit ill. At least with a make-up brush or fingers you can easily wipe the slate clean and start again, but with this you've got to get yourself a whole other product. I can imagine this would be a nightmare for those of you that suffer from clogged pores or breakouts.

Basically I don't know what to make of this. I really wish I'd tried the right shade on me to give it a good go and to see if it was a nice foundation that lasted the day. I'm totally unsold on this one... have you tried it?


  1. Anonymous18.1.11

    Urgh that looks awful. I hate HATE any make-up that has the applicator attached and you can't wash it. It's impossible to believe this can be "good" for the skin when you're going to be rubbing a huge build up of bacteria.

  2. Hmmmm that was what I thought. Not very hygenic is it?! I'd be interested to see how long the applicator would last until it started falling apart too...

  3. Maybe the sponge part can easily be pulled off? I am curious about this foundation but I have acne-prone skin and worry about breaking out.

  4. I also have acne prone skin. I wonder how well it works out with that.

  5. Not very hygenic is it?!

  6. Nope, you can't take it off... well you can, but it doesn't go back on again. I think they've missed a trick here as it could be quite good if you could remove the applicator.


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