Time for Tea

We all need a little 'pick me up' every so often, and with the time of year we're in slowly filling up with more and more social occasions we're probably all in need of a hangover cure. Caudalie have launched two new products which are perfect for party season, but also for refreshing your spirits all year round.

I've been into facial spritzers in the past as they can be a really useful and simple way of livening up your skin. The new Beauty Elixir contains orange blossom, mint, water and essential oils to 'awaken the complexion and mind.' The scent is delicious - you really get the freshness of the mint coming through - and definitely wakes you up and makes you feel a bit more alive. It can also be used over makeup without smudging it, so this is perfect for keeping by your desk to wake you up after the 4pm slump.

I do like a herbal tea. I have so many flavours and varieties in my cupboard I'm practically on first name terms with the guys in Whittards. But now a cosmetic brand launching a tea? At least it's original! Caudalie's herbal tea contains detoxifying infusions of red vine, blackberry, blueberry, orange peel and cinnamon - which smells absolutely delicious. The cinnamon really comes through when you soak the teabag and smells a little bit like Christmas. Each pack comes with 20 bags in a really cute paper pack so you're also doing your bit for the environment. Three cups a day is supposed to detox your body, get rid of excess water and aid slimming - that's one clever tea. It tastes really nice too, not too strong or herbally, but you still get the flavours coming through subtly.

I can totally vouch for these two products today. I have had the mother of all hangovers and these were the first two things I reached for... each waking me up a little bit and enabling me to at least get up to go hunt down pizza. I'll be stocking up on these in the run up to Christmas and so should you!

Le Metier De Beaute

Le Metier de Beaute is a brand I've only heard about through fellow bloggers. I've seen the pretty packaging and glamorous name knocking about for a bit, so when I was invited down to Selfridges to celebrate the launch of their new counter I jumped at the chance. Plus, they were providing cupcakes and cocktails - the two magic words. Having only been in the UK for about 18mths they're still relatively unknown, but are taking the opportunity to establish themselves well - with the launch of the new Selfridges counter, this is the first step to them becoming an exclusive brand of London's famous department store, securing their position as the premium-of-premium and something every woman wants to aspire to own.

The range isn't as large as some of the others, something that you can think of as a positive if you're like me and feel completely overwhelmed at even the mention of a MAC counter. They keep things simple, offering a large range of eye colours and lipglosses, but sticking to just a few shades of the essentials such as concealer and liner. The colours are very 'true', meaning what you see is what you get - there's no difference between what's in the pot and what's on your skin, something extremely rare in the makeup world. They make some fab products like the tinted moisturiser/primer which contains all kinds of wonderful and naturally stimulating ingredients, to the mascara which is 100% organic. They pride themselves on their good ingredients, saying they're so well made and full of goodness that you can even sleep in them.

Well, there's a dare for you isn't there?! I like a challenge, so after a little bright spark set in my head (and a few wise words from twitter) I decided to hold Le Metier de Beaute to their promise... are the products so good you can sleep in them? Would I get any spots, blemishes or bad stuff happening overnight? Would I have super greasy, manky skin when I awoke from my slumber? Being a massive cleanser enthusiast it was practically painful to step away from the makeup remover and go straight to bed, but for all the women out there that come back on a Saturday night and pass out before they've had a chance to even attempt the use of a face wipe, this was for you.

So I went to bed in a full face of LMDB makeup - tinted moisturiser, concealer, powder, blush, bronzer, highlighter, liner and about 8 different eyeshadow colours. You couldn't get much more slap on, but surprisingly it didn't feel as though I had half of that on because the formulae are so light. Baring in mind I fidget til the cows come home and sleep on my face, the result the next morning wasn't as half as hideous as I expected it to be. My face didn't feel greasy or delicate like it usually does post-drunken night... it still felt clear and relatively fresh. I haven't come out in spots, blemishes or any kind of normal reaction I would have. The eye makeup even practically stayed immaculate! So there you go ladies and gents - Le Metier de Beaute, you CAN sleep in it! (Although don't make it a habit.)

Ready for bed... full face of slap

Wide awake,
puffy face but makeup still in place
Although this isn't a brand that would normally float my boat, it's definitely one for your Xmas list. The products are fabulous quality and the price points totally reflect that. It's all very well to have a makeup bag full of your mass market brands, but it's also very nice indeed to have a few statement pieces that you can invest in and feel good when you wear. I've got a few products to try out over the next few weeks so I'll be updating you on how I find them, but if my experience in store is anything to go by they're gonna be fab.


A present from Lancome

When you have a brand as global, renowned and respected as Lancome you need a pretty darn good person to lead the creative way. In Aaron de May they've certainly got ahead of the bunch with a guy who is uber stylish, passionate and knowledgeable about makeup. I had the absolute pleasure of meeting him in Selfridges to talk to him about Lancome's new Christmas collection which was designed in collaboration with designer L'Wren Scott. A fabulous brand, fabulous creative director and a fabulous designer - that just means a fabulous collection that ticks all the right boxes.

The collection itself is very traditional, consisting of a grey smokey eye palette, deep red lipstick and two fabulous nail colours. It's refreshing to see such a big brand going back to basics and delivering something that is not only wearable, but can be made into so many different looks with the sweep of a brush. I love the fact that the palette comes with three different brushes so you can play and experiment, finding the methods of application and final looks that really suit you. I adore the nail varnish in particular, especially the grey-blue shade which was created specifically by L'Wren and Aaron a year ago to match her collection. It was created using a swatch of material from a dress specifically to match her designs and I think it's my 'most wanted' item of the moment.

What was so interesting to learn from Aaron is that he doesn't believe in makeup as a mask, but as something to enhance your natural beauty. Now you may not think that's anything particularly new, but when he says he doesn't like using foundation, covers up each individual blemish with a brush and concealer, uses highlighter galore and likes a bit of lip balm mixed with makeup, this is a new and refreshing approach. He likes to experiment and use the products in different ways, so creating something that's natural yet enhancing of our features. He suggests using your fingertip to blend (hoorah, I've been doing this for years and always get told off,) focusing your under-eye makeup in a triangle, dabbing lipstick on rather than applying from the bullet and starting with a liner when working on a smokey eye.

Having worked with celebs all over the world, the six of us (I know, how spesh am I?!) made the most of our time with him and dug deep into his knowledge. He was quickly whisked off to his next stop before a journey over to Paris after only being in the UK for 24 hours. It's people like these who really make a brand and you can tell his ideas really filter through into everything Lancome does. If you need some ideas for your Christmas list this year then this is a good place to start - if you invest (or get someone else to for you!) in an amazing smokey palette and red lipstick you'll be creating looks for years to come. Channel a rock chick, sexy siren, sixties swinger or even boho chic... Lancome has it covered.

Filthy Gorgeous

Every so often something comes along which is a little bit different and gets you a little bit excited. Today was that day. I love pampering, but I don't like the time it takes or the money it costs... I know, I know, I want the world. The last time I properly got 'made over' was my prom where I went to about five salons, each one of which poked and prodded a part of me, eventually culminating in a 'reveal' that could challenge Britain's Next Top Model. But as a lady of the world, my time is precious and I can't afford to spend a whole day getting ready for a night out - you're lucky if I can pull myself away from The X Factor to get ready between advert breaks on a Saturday. This is why today I had a 'hoorah' moment, because Filthy Gorgeous has been launched and I'm sure it will bring much pleasure to all.

Filthy Gorgeous is a 'beauty service, apothecary and retail emporium' which brings everything you could possibly ever want together in one place. Located in Debenhams, Oxford Street, London (right at the back of the beauty hall if you're interested) it brings together a homely salon experience with an accessories boutique and an apothecary of goodies to take home with you. The layout of the store is quirky and unique, with everything from the Union Jack chair to the giant silver chest is a one-off piece selected specifically for Filthy Gorgeous. I hate going into a salon and feeling like I can't move or touch anything - here you're encouraged to go and have a play, explore and find new things.

Filthy Gorgeous offers such a wide variety of salon treatments that you need not go anywhere else. They offer manicures, pedicures, waxing, tinting and even temporary tattoos, hair pieces and airbrush root touch-ups. The prices are exceptionally reasonable knowing that you're right in the hub of London's shopping district and any other salon would double their price list - you can get a manicure or brow tint for a tenner, an airbrush tattoo is a fiver and even the dry shampoo/curl do starts at a tenner too. You couldn't get cheaper. But cheap doesn't mean rubbish... I had my brows waxed and tinted and I've never had so much care and attention paid to my follically challenged eyebrows. My beautician spent at least 45mins shaping, waxing, plucking and tinting, making sure both she and I were 100% happy with the result. (And I was, they look bloody fab - I have eyebrows for the first time in years!)

What I also love is that they stock a great range of products that will give you something amazing to take home with you, most of which are uniquely sold in the UK through the salon. They've got bath salts, candles, lip balms, mineral shadows, scrubs, hand creams... I could go on and on and on. Not only this, they stock a range of corsages and jewellery from two up-and-coming London based designers that will add that 'something-something' to your outfit. You can literally go in looking rough and come out looking like a pampered (and very stylish) princess. While you're at Filthy Gorgeous you feel so at home and relaxed you don't see the time going... before you know it it's practically time for the shop to shut so you have to shuffle yourself out. This is one place I'm so pleased to see pop up in London Town and one place I'll be going back to again and again.

For more info and to book: http://www.filthygorgeouslondon.com/


Fearne and... Makeup

So Miss Fearne Cotton has gone and expanded her empire even further. Not satisfied with a successful television and radio career, taking the piss out of herself weekly on Celebrity Juice (I bloody love that programme,) traveling all over the world with her reality programme 'Fearne and...', teaming up with Very to launch her clothing line and even releasing a book with buddy Holly Willow-Booby, she's now only gone and released a line of makeup.

She's teamed up with Boots to release a capsule collection of 17 different products, ranging from simple lipglosses and shimmer dusts all the way up to a full on vanity case. Priced £8.00 - £40.00 there's no doubt something for everyone and every price range.  Fearne says: "Creating this range has completed a childhood dream. Make-up has played a big part in my life; from glamming up to gothing up, covering tears and getting ready for a big TV show - I couldn't live without it. It's been magical creating my dream line of make-up packaged to include my love of vintage, skulls and tattoos in a delicate way. I hope everyone loves it!"

I do love Fearne... I love her style, attitude, warmth and general sense of fun. (Ok, I basically want to be her) but I'm doubtful about this collection. It looks very nice on www.boots.com but I've yet to see it in the flesh or try the quality for myself. What also concerns me is the fact that she's known for her bright colours, bold eye makeup and boho style - whereas the colours here seem to be very muted and generic. Will you be trotting down to pick yourself up some Fearne makeup? I'm undecided.


Calling Dr Nick

As a blogger I have the real privilege of getting invited to some great events, which in turn enables me to meet some fantastic people. It makes such a difference when you get to meet the 'face' behind a brand because you can get such a feel for their passion, enthusiasm and the reasons why they launched the products in the first place. Last night it was the turn of Dr Nick Lowe from his self-named range of skincare products to entertain me - and entertain me he did. In fact, I kind of wish he was my dad... what a legend.

Dr Nick is a dermatologist with so much experience it's hard to fathom. He wanted to bring great skincare to the masses and prove that a good product doesn't have to cost the earth - we like. He's researched and developed the products extensively and has now launched a range which not only looks, feels and smells fab but does the job too.  "After 10 years developing a clinically based skincare range, Dr Lowe is adamant that a "good skincare regime does not need to be expensive to be good" and he does not believe in overpriced, so called 'miracles in a pot'! This is a refreshing philosophy, especially from a skin care guru who has being linked so frequently with 'turning back the clock' for so many 'A' list celebrities."

Dr Nick (I like calling him that as it reminds me of that guy off The Simpsons) was engaging, approachable and really believable. I'm a massive skeptic when it comes to lotions and potions that claim to fix problems, but after listening to him I couldn't wait to get my hands on the products. He's split them cleverly into Anti Age, Anti Blemish and Skin Solutions - all colour coordinated but still simple, fresh and make you feel like they're going to work. There's nothing worse than a range which is so science-looking that it's intimidating and puts you off - Dr Nick has got this just right.

You will look as flawless as this... ahem!
Some of the products are even formulated with the same ingredients that pharmaceutical products use to help clear up acne. They contain a higher concentration of humectants (which attract moisture to the skin,) SPF 15 and are only lightly fragranced for minimal interference with your skin. They also all contain the unique Cranley Complex, "a proven combination of potent anti-oxidants, expertly formulated to protect skin against signs of ageing and reduce skin damage caused by daily exposure to the elements; sun, pollution, stress." Interestingly he recommends the Anti Age range for anyone with normal to dry skin as it just imparts extra moisture, and told us that a lot of the skin problems you think you have are due just to the wrong cleanser/moisturiser/makeup you're wearing. He makes skincare simple and easy to understand, giving you combination of products to use together to get the best out of them, making your skin luscious and lovely!

The ingredients in The Cranley Complex

I've got a lovely selection of products from the range to try (more posts on that later) but these were definitely the favorites of the night... cure little starter kits, perfect for weekends away as well as giving you an introduction to the brand for a mere £14.99. You get a good range of products which together make a whole 'system' - perfect of you're a bit wary of trying something new. This range has the potential to be a winner in my book.... And Doctor Nick Lowe? Well, I've already told you he's a legend.



Her name was Glowla

I don't often use Benefit products, but when I do I inevitably buy them because of their name or funky packaging. This newbie ticks all the boxes - I want one NOW! How amazing is the name, the picture, the colours? And it consists of everything you'll ever need from Benefit... High Beam, Moon Beam, Bad Gal Mascara, eyeshadows, blusher and even the applicators. Will you be rushing out to grab one of these? I like to think of it as a capsule Benefit wardrobe for the (not-so-cheap-but-kind-of-an-investment) price of £29.50.



Goin' on Safari

I do love a good Denman brush. Since I was sent a strawberry scented one at the beginning of the Summer there's barely been a day when it hasn't caressed my follicles. Now they've only gone and upped the anti by releasing a range of Zebra print brushes for Autumn!

"A handbag essential, the D3 is a real all-rounder. Ideal for any hair length or type, it includes the famous Denman half-round pad to give maximum grip and control, and seven rows of our famous nylon pins, making it the perfect partner for blow-drying, smoothing, shaping and polishing the hair."

I can vouch that this is the perfect all-rounder brush that's delicate on the scalp, gets rid of all those knotty tangled post-shower and (rather disgustingly) is easy to clean and get all those hairs out! For £8.50 you can't complain either. I've got one in blue but I'm tempted to get the whole set.... 


Blowing my own trumpet....

I've been toying with the idea of doing this a while, so bear with me and normal blogging will resume pronto. A few weeks ago I ran a competition to win a haul of beauty products worth well over £100. (I'm generous, what can I say!) To enter, all you had to do was tell me what you liked about LBQ and any suggestions for improvement... not unlike a school report card. The response I got was so fab and the comments so overwhelmingly complementary that I thought I should take the time to thank everyone for their support. It really isn't worth doing this without feedback, the comments on my posts, interaction through facebook/twitter and actually meeting some of you fabulous people.

So here I am, blowing my own trumpet and sharing with you some of the great things you guys had to say. I have to say that unanimously you all seems to love the fact I talk about cheap products as well as your more luxurious - something that you seem to be coming back for. Who am I to argue - the trend is set to continue.

I heart you guys!

Sabrina: I wish I had found you earlier! I've found myself some great buys due to your blogs, and you've turned me into a Batiste addict... don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Also, your twitter posts. Love them! Thank you for being so fabulous! Ciao! x

Anonymous: Hi there! I love your blog because I'm addicted to make-up and beauty products - and you are too!! You cover new products and give a really honest opinion, which stops me wasting money on stuff that doesn't work. I love the layout, the images and your writing style. Better than most beauty magazines. Keep up the good work.

Rachel: I love reading blogs and reviews online for make up and beauty products but none are as easily read, funny, informative and truthful as yours. I adore make up and beauty products and LOVE how you try out low budget items too. I will definitely be sticking with LBQ!x

Annie: Make up and skin care products are the type of things that you like to have recommended to your before you buy them. They end to be quite expensive and it's always re assuring to hear from a REAL person what they thought of it. Sure we all have different preferences and budgets etc but your blog always speaks the truth. You're not biased to a particular product and have a great range of products covering all budgets and purposes! You also make me giggle from time to time with your twitter updates! ;)

Dizzybrunette3: I've been reading your blog for a few months now, but only just set up a blogger account. I really like this blog as you blog about beauty products which are all different price ranges. I hate blogs when they just review high end beauty products, as a student I'd never be able to afford a £30.00 foundation. So I like the fact I can log on and look at some products, I can also go out and buy myself :) xxx

rebeccahardisty: I love your blog because your informative and honest - every girl wants gorgeous products to make her feel special, that aren't going to cost a fortune and you are great at finding those for us! You are also very witty in your tweets and I find it highly entertaining. I am so busy I don't have time to go out and try out millions of products. Your blog enables me to sit at my desk and make my work day more enjoyable.

thefashionfreak: I love LBQ because you still talk to me on twitter even though you are all famous with your 700odd followers! I also love you because you've done so well to get all those followers and because your blog posts are always brilliant! ANNNNNNND because you run brilliant competitions like this!! xxx

MJKMurphy: I love your blog because it's witty, to the point and doesn't pander to what the PRs tell you what to say! Also a great mix of cheap and high end products so there's something for everyone, whatever side of payday you find yourself on!

Laura: I love your honest reviews and the fact that you aren't snobby about cheaper brands. I have been toying with the idea of buying some ELF products for some time. After reading your reviews I went ahead and ordered a few different shades of nail polish and an eye shadow/liner pen. They are all fab! No looking back now! Keep up the good work.


Great Rituals

Rubbish title, amazing nail polish. I was sent a few items from Rituals to try (more on those later) but this was the first thing that sparkled to me like a diamond to a magpie... the perfect shade I've been looking for. A brown/grey or brey if you will, this Amber Stone nail varnish will have to be pried away from my hands come Spring. I applied only one coat to get a fab colour (how often does that happen?!) and so far I'm two days in with no chips. It's smooth, thick and luscious... plus it comes in a super cute box which makes me love it even more. That's all.


Phyto My Scalp

My scalp isn’t the body part I pay most attention to, I have to admit. How often do you think ‘I should probably put a scalp mask on’ or even ‘I’ll pick that lotion up because my scalp could probably do with it’? But a lot of hair problems originate from this invisible wonder so we really all should pay it a bit more love. I was invited to pop into Selfridges for a Phyto scalp consultation with a couple of the guys from the brand who were trialling a new device. Intrigued and already having planned a pampering day with a friend, I dragged her along to be prodded with me in the middle of London’s famous department store.

The Device!

The device they used was not unlike something you’d expect to see in a dentist or surgeon’s office – silver, hi-tech and a little bit Battlestar Galactica. I sat right on display (I mean literally right in the middle of the beauty department for the world to see) while my hair was flicked all over the place and comments like ‘no split ends’, ‘good condition’ and ‘sensitive scalp’ came flying at me. My whole head was fully examined, starting with the hair itself (from root to tip) which overall apparently is in pretty good nick... seeing as I dye my hair to death, blowdry and straighten at least once a day, I have no idea how.

I look very unimpressed here.
My hair also looks a mess post-prodding!

Then came the scary part. The device (I like calling it that, but I have no idea what it’s actually called) was put bang smack in the middle of my head and slowly but surely the image of another world came onto the screen. Nope, it wasn’t Mars or a scene from a Sci-Fi flick, it was my scalp. Super close. It scared me half to death and my instant reaction was ‘eeeew that’s gross’ and a round of ‘what’s wrong with my head?!’ Despite this initial outburst I was assured that my scalp was also in pretty good nick – empty follicles (no grease), multiple hairs from each follicle (thick hair), a clean and good conditioned scalp, although a slight hint of redness beneath which apparently means I’m sensitive. I always knew that. What was most interesting though was that after dying my hair a week before you could still see a lot of dye on my scalp – bad Schwarzkopf. This is the sure sign of a cheap hair dye and shouldn’t happen, so I got a bit of sympathy for that.

Scary scalp. You can even see the dye!

My friend also had a consultation and that was really interesting. She suffers from limp, dull hair and they were able to identify a range of problems which were basically caused by the products she was using (TIGI – full of silicon)and the way she styled her hair (blow dried downwards) – all which could be solved by a simple scalp consultation. Genius. We were both prescribed a range of products to rectify some of the issues we were having (me: itchy scalp, her: limp hair) so I can’t wait to try them (post to follow on that.) It was such an interesting hour and one which will have an impact for a long time to come. It’s a rare thing that a simple consultation can have such a big impact on your life (come on, my life is my hair,) especially if you have some real problems or gripes. They’ll be doing a tour again soon so make sure you keep an eye out for them – I’d advise you taking the time to get prodded by ‘the device’ because you may just find something really interesting about your scalpy friend.


The Bare Necessities

I must have been practically the only woman in the UK not to have bought in to the mineral trend of 2009. Having been working in the cosmetics industry at the time and closely monitoring the endless 'mineral' launches that spiralled from Bare Minerals, who had been around for years before, I was more than a little bit sceptical. Most of the 'mineral' products contain talc and other pointless ingredients just so they can use the buzz word of the time. I've tried a lot of the mass market products and they did absolutely nothing for me - they were basically just a glorified loose powder - so I've ignored anything with the word 'mineral' on it. Until now.

I was sent a Bare Minerals starter kit so I could 'familiarise myself' with the brand and products, finally finding out if they were worth the hefty price tag they carry. Just shy of £50 for a starter kit, these products don't come cheap - but you do get a fair bit for your money. The set includes two shades of foundation (light and fairly light so they can pretty much be worn by anyone), a mineral veil, a warmth colour, three brushes and a concealer. You also get a DVD and instruction booklet to tell you what to do with this overwhelming jigsaw of beauty products. Now, when it comes to instructions I'm like a man - skim read, throw it away and muddle through - so I'm sure there are loads of tips and tricks I'm missing, but even so this system is surprisingly easy to use. All you have to do is dab your brush in the powder, tap away the excess and apply it to your face in circular movements.

I have to admit I was thinking 'yeah right, this is gonna do bugger all' and was smugly sitting there in front of my mirror ready to slate the system. I have to eat my words because it's bloody good. You think that applying powder in a circular motion isn't going to cover anything, but it really does and it does it well. You need such a small amount I'm sure there's some amazing magic going on inside those pots, because by using the mineral veil (think a primer/highlighter), the foundation and a teeny bit of concealer I got a better result than a full face of makeup. If I could take a picture of myself with my mouth hung open in shock I would've.

Two foundation brushes & a concealer brush

It leaves you feeling fresh and like you're practically wearing nothing at all. You look radiant and clear skinned, which hangs around all day (and night) long because you've applied no liquid (i.e. grease) to your face. I never thought I'd get into this because initially it seemed like a big time investment, but once you get the hang of it you can do it super fast. After a trip to a beauty salon yesterday for a facial I actually sat in Costa putting my makeup on and my friend was amazed how quick it applied and how good it looked... even though I did leave a little pile of powder on the table! The best thing is also that you don't get anything on your hands so there's no mess or cleaning up/dashing to the bathroom required.

When you consider the price I think this is actually a great system for anyone that suffers from problem skin and is willing to invest in some good quality, effective products. You get a lot of stuff for your dosh, including three fab brushes which would set you back a lot on their own. If you work out how much you'd pay individually then you're getting a good fair discount and a system that's qualitative and easy. A definite must for anyone who's always been looking for that skin wonder product... In the words of Michael Jackson, this is it.


Guilty Pleasures Week

In celebration of The X Factor's 'guilty pleasures' week, here's a guilty pleasure of mine... pointless collaborations between cosmetics and kids film characters. Shrek Forever After is out on DVD soonish so they've teamed up with Chapstick (because loads of 8 yr olds wear lipbalm, don't you know) to launch a special edition Shrek flavour. It comes in green apple, has a picture of Shrek on the side and is green. There's a theme coming here.

The lipbalm itself is actually quite nice. It's a really lovely apple scent that isn't sickly sweet, which matches the pale green colour of the lipbalm. And the best thing is that if you don't want to shout about the fact that it's a Shrek lipbalm, you can take the whole packet off and you're left with a plain white case. Fabulous. These are out in store now... another one to add to my lipbalm collection.



Have you got the attitude?

This Halloween there’s something every girl needs – a pair of extra large, extra voluptuous and extra fancy false lashes. Whether you’re dressing up as Cruella DeVil, Lady Gaga or even just the Wicked Witch from Wizard of Oz, a pair of fabulous lashes will make your costume look extra evil. Girls With Attitude have just launched their new website which contains as many fantastic lashes as you could ever want, along with false nails, body art, lipgloss and much more. I’m a huge fan of false lashes and am known for leaving them like a trail behind me wherever I go... each of my friends probably has a fair few scattered around their room after many a night out. I adore these lashes from Girls With Attitude as not only do they look and feel great, the designs give them a little something extra so you’ll stand out from the crowd.

These four are some of the highlights from their collection, which consists of nearly 40 different styles.

Diva gives a more natural design, but with extra volume and length so you can flutter to your heart’s content.
Feather Goddess is for the fashionistas – loads of volume and a feathery effect for a perfectly on-trend look.
Tickle His Fancy lashes are extra long and extra voluminous, giving a lorra lorra length and a full fringe.
Vamp lashes are perfect for a night out when you want a bit of volume without going OTT, the perfect all-round lash.

To celebrate the launch of their website, and of course Halloween, Girls With Attitude have kindly given me some lashes to give away! I’ve got one of each of the styles up for grabs, plus a set of 5 mini lipglosses to go perfectly with your vampy lashes. For your chance to win, just comment on this post letting me know which is your favourite and why. Make sure you go take a look at their website, follow them on twitter and join their facebook page too!

And just because I’m random, here’s a photo of me last Halloween... I couldn’t go out wearing the Dalek costume so I had to change into Cruella DeVil. Plus, Daleks don't wear fake lashes!

T&Cs - competition open to UK residents only, closes on Wednesday 27th October (so you can have the lashes in time for Halloween!), only one entry per person, winners will be picked at random and contacted, winners must respond within 24hrs or another winner will be chosen, judges decision is final. The end.
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