Burn Baby Burn

So you all know that LBQ has spent the last week or so sunning herself in beautiful Spain... the problem is, that my skin isn't used to all that heat! As a pale lady, I usually burn at the slightest thought of the sun so there are some parts of my body that haven't seen the light of day (so to speak!) for many, many years. The suncream got layered on and I actually managed to get a half-decent tan - so I actually looked, even if ever-so-slightly, like I'd been beyond Bournemouth beach.

However, with all that heat and layers of suncream disaster inevitably strikes... heat rash. We've all suffered from this hideous condition (which makes it sound like some kind of STD!) and it can properly stop you in your tracks. Rather than be itching and scratching like some kind person has covered you in itching powder, I've discovered some fab ideas to help you out in the coming months.

Boots Soltan aftersun gel with added aloe vera is a great starting point. Not only is it an extra cooling gel that provides long lasting moisturisation, reducing dryness and helping to prevent peeling, it also helps to prolong your tan. The gel formula ensures that it soaks in quickly, cools and doesn't leave you with that horrible sticky feeling where you think any passing fly will soon be attached to your arm. The aloe vera also really cools the area so you feel much better practically instantaneously.

If your heat rash gets so bad that even aloe vera wont sort it out, it's time to get out the natural yogurt. Make sure you pick one that's thick and has no added flavours... the first one I bought had vanilla essence in so I ended up smelling like an ice-cream (and not in a good way.) Layer this on to wear it's itching and wait for it to dry - it should leave a slightly tinted veil on the skin. Once you put it on you'll instantly feel the heat being taken away from your skin and it even starts to get less red. Although you may feel like a bit of an idiot, this really does work. And if it's that bad, you'll try anything right?!

Finally, if it's so bad it's driving you crazy try a trip to the pharmacy. There are some great over the counter creams that stop itching fast - something that's good for eczema is perfect.  Now all you have to worry about is your tan lines...


Did you go to Glasto this weekend?

I didn't : ( and I think I missed the best weekend in years. It was a choice between Glasto and Espana... I chose the latter. If you were lucky enough to go I hope you had an ace time. If you werent, here's some tips which you can use to pretend you did!

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Clothes Show London

This weekend Clothes Show hits London town for a celebration of all things fashion. A younger and sprightlier sister to Clothes Show Live in Birmingham, the London version offers you the selection of the best so you don't have to spend hours trawling through the same old stands full of market-stand goof.

Celebs are all over this event like a rash, and this year Clothes Show are lucky enough to have the support of lush George lamb and everyone-wants-to-be-her-bestie Fearne Cotton. Last year Katie Price debuted her 'post marriage' look (which realistically was just sluttier than her 'in marriage' look,) and caused a media-frenzy. She's said to be popping along again in 2010 so God knows what she'll be up to this time.

Clothes Show is the perfect place to grab yourself a beauty bargain and stock up for the Summer. In previous shows I've grabbed St Tropez gift sets for 50% off, Barry M polish for cheap as chips, Rimmel make-up bags for a fiver and Tigi shampoos for rock-bottom prices. You can also get make-overs, manicures, spray tans and much more. My personal fave is the stands where you can buy your usual magazine and you get a whole goody bag full of suprises for free! Top dollar!

This really is the perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon with your girlies. Get yourself down there this weekend and let me know what bargains you pick up... I'll be hunting down that St Tropez.

For more details check out: www.clothesshowlondon.com


Sun, Sea and Sonar

Check out my new article for those heading off to sunnier shores this weekend for Sonar Festival.

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Let's fly away...

Holiday season is upon us which means we spend the week before take-off calculating and re-calculating what will fit in our luggage and how much you can actually get away with for 'carry on'. I'm off to Spain in less than a week, and it being the first beach-based holiday I've been on since 2002 I'm a little excited, but also extremely out-of-touch with preperation techniques! My holidays normally consist of either chucking as much as I can into the car boot and spending a week at a festival in the arse-end-of-nowhere, or jetting off for a long weekend sightseeing. I'm not used to this beach malarky.

And so the dilemma began... What do I actually take with me? How much do I actually need? What are all these plane restrictions? What can I nick from the hotel? I started to think of buying loads of empty bottles and filling them up with my various lotions and potions, but this prospect started to get messy and expensive! I shudder at the thought of dripping my £28 cleanser down the side of a spare bottle and not being able to get to the bottom of it. After a late night trip to Boots in Westfield I feel like I had one of those moments where an angel appears from the sky and small children start singing... their travel section was amazing!

The last time I went a-holidaying you were lucky if you could get iddy-biddy suncream bottles. Now you're spoilt for choice. Simple do their own 50ml cleansers, toners and eye make-up remover. TICK! Soap and Glory have mini versions of all their body buffing cleansers, shower gels and scrubs. TICK! You're spoilt for choice by Toni and Guy... they've got all their different shampoos, conditioners and styling products in mini versions. TICK! Top this off with some teeny cans of Batiste and some Boots facial wash and you're laughing. TICK!
But where do I put all these mini pieces of wonderment, you ask? Grab yourself one of the amazing transparent beauty cases from Boots' own label... they come with a couple of spare bottles, loofer and soap carrier, look super stylish in blue, pink and yellow, plus they're only £8.00! Bung all your bits and bobs in here and it's even suitable to carry straight through security at the airport - no skanky lunchbox bags for you! Now all I need to do is decide what to wear...



Want wizardry in a stick? Well, then look no further. The 'Witch Stick' is brilliant for all those annoying hormonal breakouts us women seem to get at that time of the month. I get these lovely pimples on my chin and can't seem to get rid of them too easily without this little wonder in a tube. A permanent fixture in my makeup bag, this product I apply as often as I can to the little blighters and they disappear in no time!

Made from natural witch hazel, it's cooling on the skin, and is opened when you pop the top off and push the tube from the underside. The stick itself is blue and really breaks down the bacteria and excess oils in the spots. You should apply this as soon as they appear, and it's great on my slightly sensitive skin. The product is long lasting so you won't need to replace it very often but you will need to make sure that you keep the top on firmly otherwise there is a risk it will dry out and you will have to buy a new one.

Reasonably priced between £2 and £4 in most supermarkets and drug stores, it's a good investment if you're tired of using the old fashioned and often unsightly technique of toothpaste on the offending area every night before bed. Whats more, the Witch Stick is not tested on animals and is the only potion I use to magic those monsters away!


Lasting Liner

How many of you gym bunnies yearn for a little bit of eye makeup that stays while you sweat? Or maybe you just fancy keeping a bit of 'eye' on for that fella you're planning to bring home this weekend? If, like me, you want something that stays and doesn't flake or smudge, no matter what the situation, then Colour Sport liquid eyeliner is something you might want to consider.

I love creating that feline look with black eyeliner when I go out for the night. I feel naked without it! So I was excited when I picked up this product that promised me it would stay put until I took it off myself. The eyeliner looks pretty unremarkable and the tip looks like a fine felt tip pen. What was nice however, is that the tip wasn't flimsy like a lot of cheap eyeliners are and I found it really easy to use. This product is something I would recommend for people that aren't too confident wielding liquid eyeliner. I have a shaky hand at the best of times, but this was a breeze to get right and I ended up with a lovely line running neatly over the eyelid in double quick time.

After a raucous night out, and failing to take my face off ( again!) when I got in, I woke up to find my eyes looking as they did the moment I put this on... result! For just under five pounds, you can get this little beauty in Boots and it can usually be found in the aisle next to the eyelash dyes. First timers need apply!!


Front Row Seat

I told you I would be all over hair products this week! I've historically been quite a fan of Charles Worthington... one of the first 'celeb hairdresser' brands available on the high street, it was the brand I always turned to as a stingy student when I couldn't afford the real deal. It always left my hair pretty tip top but I havent used it in many moons. I saw his new range 'Front Row' in Boots a few weeks ago and didn't even realise it was a CW range - it looked so different, very premium and a little bit posh for Boots!

So when I was stripping the shelves of anything hair related this weekend I picked up a couple of the products in the range. I've been using the Heat Defence Spray after being told off by my hairdresser (but you know that already) and I love it. It's light, smells lovely and doesn't leave you with that horrid sticky feeling or product-film you get on your hair. The pump spray is also great as you get a fine mist over a large area, rather than a squirt in a teeny tiny space. My hair feels a lot silkier and has even survived a day without washing today!

The other bargainous product I've been testing is the Mirror Dazzle Shine Spray. I'm a big one for shine sprays as they really finish off your look, give you an amazing glisten and keep stray hairs tamed. My usual products include Paul Mitchell and Frizz Ease, but I think I'll be sacking them in for this. Again, a really fine mist (which is essential with this kind of product) which smells fab and leaves you with just the right amount of shine. It's practically impossible to end up looking like a grease-monkey with this.

I can't wait to try the rest of the range... if it's as good as these it gets three ticks from me. Great value? Tick. Great Product? Tick. Great packaging? Tick.



This week I've got a feeling it's all gonna be about the hair... maily because I took my bi-annual trip to the hairdressers. I hate doing it and therefore only force myself to go when absolutely necessary - basically when my barnet starts to resemble a bird nest - and then spend the next 2 weeks complaining that my hair is cack because I can't figure out how to style it properly.

So... the positive thing about going to the hairdresser is that they actually know what they're talking about. It's not like it used to be where you'd go in, have an inch chopped off and you'd be on your way. Now it's all about consultations, diagnosis, special treatment and professional products. But that's why we pay a fortune and come out feeling a million bucks with shiny, swinging hair.

I normally get told off when I go because, as a girl with naturally wavy/curly hair, I straighten my locks to death. I know I should use heat protection spray (and I do have about 5 different ones) but I somehow always forget to use it... maybe I should make it a mid-year resolution. Hoorah! I have found a solution! This trip I had my hair done by a young girl who had just had hair extensions removed and found her head looking like she'd been electrocuted. She started using Redken's Anti Snap and I can swear on my GHDs that she now looks fabulous, with silky shiny hair after only a few weeks. So of course I snapped some up for myself.

Redken's magic formula is around the £16 mark, but if it saves your barnet it's worth it. I've been using it for a couple of days and already can tell a difference. It's full of proteins, lipids and all manner of good things to restore your hair and prevent it from breaking - especially great if you straighten, dye or abuse your hair. Lush.


Festival Style

As an avid fan of music festivals, I spend my Summer months in a field debating how best to sort out my barnet so I don't look like I've been dragged through a hedge backwards. There's a great new blog called Festival Style which aims to help you with your fashion, beauty, gadget and general festival-related dramas.

I'm extremely happy to announce that I'm now writing for Festival Style and would love for you to check it out and let me know what you think. (http://www.festivalstyle.com/) Bring on the Summer!



Colour in a Crayon

Now, if you have blue eyes and a pale complextion, you should know that golds are a particularly good choice as an eyeshadow. I have tried and tested many brands of gold and I am delighted to tell you that I have found one that not only looks good in your makeup bag, but is also pretty well priced too! The new Topshop range of makeup may not be too amazing overall, but the cream eyeshadow stick in 'Sun Shower' is beautiful. It also comes in 'Moon Shine' which is a metallic silver - great if you have darker skin.

This product is a gorgeous metallic gold and really makes your eyes pop! Priced at £7.00, I find it is really useful in a hurry when I don't have any eye brush tools on me. You can just paint it on straight from the tube and it really does last the distance. If you really want to make your eyes dazzle, then applying some brown liner to the inside of your lids will make the gold stand out further. For a party look, apply it over the eye just over the socket and underneath for that fun sparkly feel.

Further makeup tips with this product can be found on the Topshop website; worth a look if you're unsure about application.
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