Another one bites the dust...

So Leighton Meester has become the latest celebrity to sign up (read 'sell out') to be the face of a big brand name. Expect to see the Gossip Girl pop up on a telly near you soon promoting the bargainista's favourite Herbal Essences.

What baffles me though is why brands spend so much money getting a sleb to pretend to like their brand, when clearly they're doing very well by themselves - although those adverts do my nut in. What's even more baffling is that in a lot of beauty surveys results released lately, including Tesco and Olay, a very large proportion of women say celebrity endorsement doesn't make them any more likely to buy a product.

I don't know about you, but I don't see Leighton buying Herbal Essences even more than I see Claudia Schiffer using L'Oreal or Cat Deeley using Pantene. It's just not believable, so why waste money on this when they can spend it on giving the customer a better deal? What do you think?



  1. Totally agree. If a brand 'baffled me with science' and handed me a sheet of ingredients I'd be far more likely to buy it (if it was SLS free...) I think you'd have be be extremely naive to think bargain brands are going to give you salon perfect, glossy, healthy, celeb standard hair.

  2. Georginaedrec25.11.10

    Agreed. As consumers we're far wiser now when we chose products and make informed decisions around effectiveness and price. Surely these brands get a far greater result by incentivising Boots et al to offer deals/prominent display spaces for their products.

  3. I agree - I'm never influenced by celebs to buy a product - far more likely by fellow bloggers! I do love her hair though, although I doubt she uses Herbal Essenses..

  4. She's been the face of Herbal Essences for about six months, bless 'er.

    I, of course, have never heard of her. Seriously!


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