Rock n Roll

This week I has my first spray tan in nearly five years, (another post to follow on that!) so while getting in a relaxed mood ready to strip down to a pair of delightful paper knickers, I was able to peruse the new St Tropez range. I've always been a fan of their self-tans and gradual moisturisers but didn't have a clue they'd recently started to do wash-off bronzers and body make-up.

All of the products were delightful, giving a really natural colour with a little bit of shimmer, but my favourite find has to be the Bronzing Rocks. Imagine a pot of bronzing pearls, imagine the pearls being mini rocks straight off the beach, imagine these rocks being a beautiful bronze colour... that's what they're like. The rocks are a substantial size (about 1cm) so you get a good amount of product off them with your brush. The colour itself it a natural bronze without being too 'fake', so it inevitably suits every skin tone. You can even pick up the rocks individually if you want an intense result, applying straight onto your face, eyes or even lips.

My lovely beauty technician applied this to me after my spray tan to give definition and depth to my face. I almost wanted to nick the pot and run away with it! Although these are quite pricey, at £30 for a pot, they'll last ages and are really worth the investment for a great quality product. Rock n Roll!


  1. oh they look pretty.

    counts pennies

    nope, not this month

  2. I know, £30 is a lot but I reckon it'd be worth it as an extra special treat! Plus the pot is HUGE! x

  3. well when you put it like that!!!

    lifts sofa to find extra pennies

  4. this looks good enough to eat! not saying tht i would! :P xx

  5. all St Tropez products are 20% off on asos.com xx


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