Today has been the most surreal day. I was happily tottering off to a meeting in Soho when I got a message on my twitter feed: "Congrats to all those who've been nominated in the Cosmo blog awards!" My response was to ask who'd been shortlisted and if it was anyone I know... the response I got was the craziest thing I've experienced in a long, long time!

"You, you bloody idiot!"  "Check the site, NOW!"  "Oh, nobody special..."

Oh my bloody god. I've been nominated! Me! OMFG. Never in a million years did I think that, after blogging since only April, I'd be shortlisted with thirteen other amazing beauty blogs for a chance to write in Cosmo magazine itself. This is crazy.

Please, please, please be ever so kind and vote for me in these fantastic awards. It would mean the world to me. I don't expect to ever come close to winning, but I never thought I'd ever be nominated so stranger things have happened. Click here to vote for me while I go have a lay down and a G&T.


  1. congratulations hun x x x x x x

    well done.


  2. Thanks muchly! : ) X

  3. laurenlandan12.8.10

    Congrats! You deserve it :) x

  4. Hi! I and a friend of mine are starting a beauty blog and since we love your page, we've added it to our fav net places section. If you have any objections let us know and we'll remove it. Come and check our page, we'll be delighted!
    maquilab. blogspot.com


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