Guess Who?

Seriously, guess who? Who do you think this lovely lady is? Look a little closer... Imagine her with blonde hair, some stupid costume and theatrical make-up... still no? Here's a clue... "ra, ra, ra, ra, ra, ra, ga, ga, ga, ga, ga, ga..." It's only bloody Lady Gaga! I had to share this with you coz I was just so utterly amazed that this was indeed the mental, yet loveable and very talented, Gaga herself. I think we focus so much on her eccentricities that we forget she's actually a beautiful lady who doesn't need all the goop and drama. But I guess that's what she loves and why she does it. Here's hoping one day when she's comfortable enough with her success we may see the real her... because I don't fancy seeing a 80yr old Gaga prancing around in crotchless knickers.

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